Innovative strategies for the development of cross-border green supply chains

Innovative strategies for the development of cross-border green supply chains

FINANCING BODY: Interreg VA France-Italy Programme 2014-2020 (European Fund for Regional Development - European Territorial Cooperation)


DURATION: 25th April 2017 - 24th April 2020


IRF ROLE: Coordinator and Project Partner.




Scope and objectives


The Green Economy is a sustainable tool aimed at the enrichment of economic, natural and social capital.  It is recognized as a tool that can be applied to all goods and services production sectors, as well as to the conservation and controlled use of natural resources.  The Green Economy and its governance are, therefore, seen as exit tools from the crisis affecting not only economic and financial but also environmental and social spheres.

The Alcotra territory encompasses a great variety of environments, landscapes, cultures and traditions bound to a rich biodiversity and the development of agricultural production, which must be safeguarded and enhanced.


The project proposes a technical and economic pathway to the strengthening or creation of supply chains oriented to the use of naturally sourced substances in the nutraceutical, therapeutic and phytopharmaceutical field.


The project is aimed at the following production lines:


1) Gemmotherapy products;

2) Fungi derivatives cultivated for nutraceutical and therapeutic uses;

3) Lavender derivatives for sustainable crop management;

4) Marine micro-organism derivatives such as bio-pesticides or bio-stimulants.


Methodological approach


FINNOVER aims to stimulate the creation of a public-private network through synergistic actions involving the local area’s most important research institutions and supply chain companies that process and use naturally sourced substances, with particular attention paid to cross-border biodiversity. In particular, the project envisages the following activities:


Support for local businesses through technical dissemination promoting eco-sustainable technologies aimed at improving production processes and finished product quality controls;

The generation of new products for the nutraceutical, therapeutic and phytopharmaceutical field;

The transfer of new technologies and the validation of new products generated by project partner companies;

The realization of a feasibility study, in synergy with project partner associations and companies, to collect economic feasibility data for the consolidation of existing territorial productions chains and the launching of new ones.

Results and impacts


The project is expected to have an impact on various economic sectors in support of green companies (e.g. “Core Green” and “Go Green” companies), with positive effects for human health, well-being and the sustainable management of agricultural businesses. In particular, the aim is to:


Enhance the biodiversity of the Alcotra territory;

Obtain bud glyceric extracts and macerates and active ingredients from fungal species for nutraceutical and therapeutic uses;

Obtain active ingredients from plant species and micro-organisms with pesticide, repellent and biostimulant effects for sustainable crop management;

Develop mappings and guidelines for entrepreneurs interested in obtaining buds for gemmotherapy use;

Develop procedures for the extraction of active ingredients from plant materials, fungi and fungal micro-organisms, in line with green chemistry principles;

Develop product quality control protocols;

Develop guidelines for administrations and entrepreneurs promoting state of the art of regional green supply chains and the consolidation and launch of new supply chains.



Regional Institute for Floriculture (IRF), Italy

University of Turin, Italy

University of Genoa, Italy

University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Gealpharma, under the direction of Maddalena Guido, Italy

Unioncamere Liguria, Italy

Impresa Verde Liguria Srl, Italy

NIXE Sarl, France

Italian Chamber of Commerce Nice Sophia Antipolis Côte d'Azur, France





Margherita Beruto (Coordinator,

Luciano Mela (Scientific Manager,

Benedetta Cangelosi (Technician,

Endrio Derin (Technician,

Federico Di Battista (Technician,

Serena Viglione (Technician,

Elena Delfini (Financial Manager,

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