Innovative Sustainable Agriculture in the Mediterranean

Innovative Sustainable Agriculture in the Mediterranean

FINANCING BODY: Interreg Italy-France Maritime Programme 2014-2020 (European Regional Development Fund - ERDF)

DURATION: 10th January 2017 - 1st January 2019

IRF ROLE: Project Partner


Scope and objectives

Agricultural production is subject to strong quality demands from markets and consumers. Additionally, the use of chemicals is increasingly challenged by European sustainable development guidelines and obligations to promote green cultivation through integrated crop protection measures. Cross-border agriculture is furthermore tested by high parasitic risks, due to extremely diverse and constantly changing crop and climate conditions, and an increasingly intense trade in plants and propagation materials. The IS@M project aims to develop, validate and optimize a collaborative platform that brings together innovative tools to support SMEs in the decisions they have to make every day in defending their crops, and directing them towards ever more ecologically responsible choices.


Methodological approach


The IS@M approach is based on the participatory collaboration of various research institutes, experimental facilities, consultants and companies in order to create and strengthen a cross-border crop defence network. The IS@M platform will be used to help assess the health status and epidemiological risk of field parcels, in real time, on tablets or smartphones. 


The various project actions are aimed at:


The development of innovative sampling and epidemiological monitoring tools and methods applied to crops of interest in the cross-border cooperation area, including horticultural, ornamental and olive crops.

The tracking of crop management interventions through IT tools specifically developed to highlight crop defence aspects in relation with environmental conditions.

The development of new defence techniques based on biological and integrated control.

Results and impacts

The IS@M project is expected to strengthen support for SMEs through a reliable, trackable and easy-to-use support system. A Mediterranean network of agricultural companies will be created through public-private interactions that envisage: (1) the activation of a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and information on epidemiological alerts; (2) the harmonization and diffusion of integrated cultivation and crop defence strategies; and (3) the raising of consumer awareness on informed choices regarding the health and safety of products.


The expected IS@M outcomes, therefore, include:


Reduced use of plant protection products on main crops in the cross-border area (vegetables, ornamental plants and olive trees).

Contributions to support “eco-responsible” agricultural activities in peri-urban areas and generational renewal.

The transfer of innovative tools to agricultural SMEs in order to enhance their competitiveness.


Lead Partner - National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), France

Alpes-Maritimes Chamber of Agriculture, France

Union of the Regional Centre for Horticultural Application and Demonstration (SCRADH), France

Haute Corse Chamber of Agriculture, France

Regional Institute for Floriculture (IRF), Italy

Regional Agricultural Experimentation and Support Centre (CeRSAA), Italy

Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Analysis (CREA), Floriculture and Ornamental Species Research Unit, Italy

University of Sassari, Department of Agriculture, Italy



Margherita Beruto (Technical-administrative Manager,

Patrizia Martini (Technical Contact,

Elena Delfini (Administrative Contact,

Laura Repetto (Technical Staff,

Endrio Derin (Technical Staff,

Marco Odasso (collaborator - Technical Staff,

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